Telecom Expense Management Platform

The Customer is a provider of managed telecom & IT expense management solutions for the US market.

Ingesting invoices from multiple telecom operators as well as cloud service providers was a time consuming, error-prone manual process that resulted in delays in providing optimization recommendations to clients.


A Cloud-hosted multi-tenant integration engine was designed and developed that;

  • Enables configuration and dynamic deployment of data processing and ingestion pipelines.
  • Automates the download and parsing of scanned paper invoices by integrating with Abbyy Cloud OCR engine.
  • Processes data in multiple formats – JSON, XML, EDI, CSV and Excel.
  • Translates non-English invoices by integrating with Bing/Google Translation APIs.
  •  Support configuration of rule-driven workflows for manual verification of processed data.


  •  Reduced manual processing of paper invoices by more than 60%.
  •  Reduced cost of processing paper invoices by more than 70%.
  • Reduced support cost by more than 30% by enabling self-service integration capabilities.
  • Reduced product implementation times by more than 30%.